Leadership Student Graduation


Grad PP Jan 2018

Thanks to all our Gr. 12s who have given three wonderful years to the Leadership program and Centennial.  Attached is the powerpoint celebrating three years off awesome.

We will miss you!

Mr. DIckson, Ms. Lowey, Ms. McGregor

Jr. High Feeder Conference


Our Sr. Leadership Class hosted 170 Jr High Leadership students from Samuel Shaw and MidSun.  The entire conference was planned and run by Centennial Leadership students.  They created Leadership superheroes, learned how to Be Kind, played the pony game, and met lots of new friends.  Thanks to the MidSun and Shaw teachers and parents for bringing all those great leaders to our conference.


Fall Retreat 2017


Centennial Leadership had their fall retreat Thursday at MidSun Community Center.  Three classes came together to get to know each other and learn new leadership skills.  As always the garbage bag fashion show was amazing.  Hopefully everyone went home a majestic eagle rather than a lowly egg. 🙂

Canadian Student Leadership Conference – Waterloo ON


Nine amazing students represented Centennial at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in Waterloo ON the last week of September, 2017.  It was an amazing conference with 1000 of the best student leaders from across Canada coming together to learn and share ideas.  CSLC was definitely hot to go!

Leadership Class of 2017


A huge shout out to our 3 year Student Leadership grads.  They have made a huge difference in their 3 years at Centennial.  At lunch today we had treats, watched the traditional powerpoint with three years of pictures, and handed out the “Oh The Places You’ll Go” signed books.  Thanks to Ms. McGregor  (Mama McGreggs) who put the powerpoint together.  We will miss Ms. Marschall who after 5 years as an amazing Leadership Advisor is moving on to Bowness and an 8 minute commute.  All the best to our Leadership Grads who we know will make a difference wherever they go.  Go Yotes!

Awesome McHappy Meal Activity


We had a successful lunch time activity at Centennial this week.  For the week before we advertised in the school and on Social Media that there would be free McHappy Meals in the cafeteria next Wednesday.  To further promote, on the day before we had four leadership students eating McHappy Meals in the cafeteria.  The table was set in the middle with caution tape around and a beautiful table cloth.  Lots of students kept coming up and asking what was happening.  On Wednesday they found out that four people would get free McHappy Meals but the catch was that they were put in a blender first and then served in a cup.   We declared the winner as the student who drank/ate the most after 2 minutes. Shub was our Grand Champion! Prizes went to everyone who participated and they got to keep the toy!

Feeder Jr. High Leadership Conference



Centennial Sr. Leadership hosted 100 Gr. 7-9 Leadership students from Samuel Shaw and MidSun on Nov. 1, 2016. Above are most of those student leaders. (Some got away before I took the picture)  The day included icebreakers, spirit group team building, the pony game, egg eaglet eagle, and lessons on how to be effective leaders.  We also shared a power point and presentation about what they can expect when they become Centennial Leaders.  Everything was planned and carried out by Gr. 11 and 12 Centennial Leadership students.  They did awesome and I am so proud of each of them.

Mr. Dickson

Proud Hosts of Alberta Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) 2016 – A New Hope


IMG_0096IMG_9785Centennial Leadership was the proud host of the Alberta Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) 2016.  Our 100 students hosted 850 students and 150 teachers from all over Alberta.  We also had special guests from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT, and Nunavut!  Keynote speakers included Scott Hammell, Ian Tyson, Andy Thibodeau, Tenille, and Stu Saunders.  Our students were amazing!  Thanks to everyone who came from away and made our conference possible.  Special thanks to Laura McGregor, Joyce Wall, Graeme Tomlin, Penny George, and Shar Marschall – the best teacher team ever to host a  conference with!  Check out the video highlights from ASLC 2016  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZpqlBIjEdQ

Thanks everyone for all your hard work – this will be one for the memory banks!

Brent Dickson

Calling All Leadership Alumni – ASLC sign up


Hey hey Centennial Leadership alumni, we would love to have you back to help with ASLC 2016.  The dates we need you would be May 28-31.  Below is attached the alumni sign up information sheet.  You need to download it and bring it in to Centennial if you are interested.  I have also attached the conference itinerary.  It would be great to hang out with you again.

Mr. DIckson

Alumni info sheet ASLC 2016

ASLC 2016 Itinerary Website

Leadership Representing @ Basketball City Championships


Leadership @ bball game

Leadership students were represented on the floor and in the stands at the Jr. Girls Basketball City Championship.The blue shirts were out in force cheering on Carly, Peyton, Courtney, and the rest of the team as they defeated Bishop Carroll 74-57.  Go Yotes

Semester 2 Leadership Retreat Was Excellent, Yah!!



Our retreat was a great way to kick off semester 2!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We had speed dating, racoon circles, spirit groups, Yah – egg eaglet eagle, garbage bag fashion show, and some serious stuff too. Go Yotes!

Andy Thibodeau visits Centennial Leadership


Andy with Lead classAndy with Tom and Taylor

Superstar Leadership speaker Andy Thibodeau came to speak to Centennial’s Leadership classes Feb 3.  He spoke to the classes about making your care contagious and being reliable.  He will be back as one of the keynote speakers for ASLC 2016 at Centennial. May 29-31.    Check out   Andy Thibodeau’s Website


Feeder Conference a Success



Congratulations to the Period 4 Sr. Leadership class for hosting an outstanding Feeder Leadership Conference for 150 students from MidSun and Samuel Shaw.  Student planned and student run – Awesome!!!

Fall Retreat Was Leadershiptastic



IMG_20150915_115529  IMG_20150915_114308 IMG_20150915_112558 IMG_20150915_145439

Our Fall Leadership Retreat was awesome.  Egg, Eagle, Eaglets – Garbage Bag Fashion Show – Pony Game – Long Lunch – Solving the world’s problems – Diefenbaker superstars joined us

Nice Job Yotes!